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Stage 2 eat your colors® Starter Pack

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Introducing eat your colors®, the first line of purees curated by nature’s own vibrant hues. Bright colors showcased through a clear window engage baby’s sense of sight, while delightful flavors expand their palate. It’s a colorful world. Let them experience all of it.

  • Vibrant flavors & smooth textures - ages 6 mos. & up
  • Clear window showcases the vibrant color of fruits, veggies & spices for baby
  • Each recipe curated by color makes it easy to introduce baby to a variety of colorful nutrients
  • Unsweetened, USDA certified organic, and no genetically modified ingredients
  • Shelf stable spouted pouch
  • Convenient, re-sealable & portable pouch for on-the-go feeding
  • Non BPA packaging & child safe, recyclable cap

Variety Pack includes:

  • (1) pouch of Red: Beet, Apple & Red Bell Pepper
  • (1) pouch of Orange: Peach, Pumpkin & Carrot w/ Cinnamon
  • (1) pouch of Yellow: Mango, Corn & Yellow Zucchini w/ Tumeric
  • (1) pouch of Green: Kiwi, Pea, Pear & Avocado
  • (1) pouch of Purple: Plum, Eggplant & Blueberry w/ Sorghum
  • (1) pouch of White: Apple, Cauliflower, & Leeks

Packs are pre-assembled and cannot be altered.